Our team joins gamedev conference in the heart of Europe in Brno, Czech Republic 24 - 25 May 2019. Come with us and have fun!
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BombaNino -  free-to-play mobile game in match-3 genre made on Unreal Engine 4.The player finds himself in the world of the mysterious flying islands of Faerie.

This world full of mysterious flying creatures enchanted by magical seals. And now they are attacking the civilians of Faerie.


Match Of Magic

Match of magic is a new puzzle bubble-shooter with dragons and magic.

Begin the journey with your dragon to stop evil Pandalier. With the help of your magic destroy all the ice to rescue unfortunate forest animals from their icy traps. Melt the frozen heart of evil panda and make it friend with cute animals.

Match Of Magic


Free-to-play mobile game

Save the world of "Sagarium" games from match-3 games' monopoly! Explore abandoned location of the legendary games. Collect priceless Jam, develop backstreet manufacturing of counterfeit candies in the heart of match-3 empire - the city of "Candypunk". Blow up, blow up, blow it up!


About us

Ray Games is a young indie game studio. Our rule is to make games with respect to players.

On the summer of 2018, three young teams simultaneously started three different projects. After a year of development, we are happy to present you first versions of Bombanino, Bombraider and Match of Magic.

Join us, follow the updates of our games and our progress.

RayGames Team

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